Saturday, April 18, 2009

Halle's first soccer game!

Coach Dan is reminding the girls which way they are going!

Whoa! Halle dribbled all the way down the field!
Kicking the ball in

Takin' a little break!

A celebratory ice cream cone at Tate's for a great, well-played first game!

Random pictures from Easter Break

Rebecca and Jen

Kaylor took to Grayson immediately. She wanted to be right beside him. If she could have crawled inside his skin I think she would have! He was so sweet to her. He held her while he played on the computer.

At mealtime, Kaylor had to sit on the bench by Grayson.

Here's Johnny earning his Uncle (& Daddy) title!

Kaylor and Halle were drawing together with Johnny.

Hudson was content to play with the "horseeeee" in the barn....

....that is until the dolls and strollers came out......

Kaylor with all the babies.

I think out of everyone, Bella had the best time! She really built a relationship with Hudson! She doesn't share her doggie bed with just anyone!

What a great time we all had!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Harris Family Easter Photo

Let the hunt begin.....

Above: Parker and Hudson
Below: Kaylor

Parker and Grayson searching the shrubs for eggs

Looks like Halle's on to something....

Sweet little Hudson

Papa helps Kaylor and Hudson with their baskets

The hunters show off their loot!

The sweetest one-year old faces you'll ever see!

Becca, thanks for sharing your adorable children with us on Easter. We were so glad to meet them for the first time!

New Visitors to Wheaton!

We had a houseful of guests for Easter! Jen's parents: Judi and Chalmer Wiegman came from Dalhart along with Rebecca (Jen's brother A.J.'s wife) and their two children, Kaylor and Hudson.

Sweet Kaylor crashed on the way home from church. She slept right through our Easter pictures AND even through lunch!

Easter pics in the yard.

Poor Baby Hudson fell asleep after his big Easter lunch and after talking to his Daddy on the phone.

See more Easter fun photos under the Easter 2009 post.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Photo take 4/6/2009. I'm looking on the bright side. The last winter storm of 2009 was one day earlier than last year (I hope!) If this trend continues, by the time I'm 76 years old, winter will be over by March.