Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Vicious Cycle

It all started during the 2008 Summer Olympics. A small thin line across the bottom of our TV screen. It wasn't that bothersome....and it would come and go.

Fast forward to November 5. I turned on the TV for Halle at lunchtime and our screen had been reduced to a very small box in the middle. And it was sort of slanted. And you couldn't really see the whole picture. I turned the TV off and back on thinking that it would heal itself like it had done with the small thin line. Nope. Not this time. So I waited a day. Then two. Evidently there was to be no self-healing. And I was beginning to miss my TV. I was amused that I NEVER wanted to watch TV during the day....until I COULDN'T. Then I missed it. And Johnny was out of town.

By November 7 we were the proud owners of a brand new high definition (HD) 40" flat screen TV. Nice! But wait a minute. You can't actually USE the HD feature unless you have a HD receiver. I guess we'd better upgrade that. Thanks DirecTV! But now our movies don't look good through our old DVD player. Hmmmm. Better get a Blu Ray player. That'll fix it! And the Blu Ray player is so cool that it can streamline Netflix movies and play lots of them on demand.....but you have to have an internet connection. When our house was built 13 years ago, they didn't think to put a phone jack or a internet connector by the cable jack. Better call the phone company. Oh, and all of the DVD's we own? They look better but not nearly as cool as the Blu Ray DVD's! I guess we will have to replace our movie collection.

As the dust settles on our new purchases I feel like I've been had by a very sophisticated marketing scheme. Or did we do this just to satisfy our want for electronics? Either way, pull up a chair and bring some popcorn....I think we have a new theater.