Monday, January 3, 2011

Humble Pie, I mean Toes

So I have pretty cute feet. I've often marveled at this photo at my cute little piggies (I'm in the middle). OK, I'll say it, maybe I've even been smug. I like my toe polish, I like my toe ring, and I like my flip flop tan line. I even like the perfect little separation between my big toe and my second toe. Well, I did. Recently I started to notice pain in the joint of my big toe. This caused me to look at my foot and to my surprise, not only was my big toe bending toward my second toe, but there was a huge bulge on the side. Know what I'm talking about? If not, scroll down. Daringly, I documented it here.

YIKES, right? Nasty lookin' thing! (Sorry for the state of the rest of my toes. I was instructed to remove my toe nail polish.) Out of frustration I took myself to the podiatrist and was quickly schooled on the lovely hereditary condition of bunions. So I have a bunion? Seriously? I'm 38! Evidently, a lot of people suffer from this unsightly condition, but no action is taken unless there is pain involved. Well shoot--I'm in THAT category! The fix? SURGERY. That's Seems like a stupid little thing to require surgery. But this STUPID little surgery requires them the make a 4" incision, shave off excess bone, insert 2 screws into the toe bone and close. Ouch! I probably would have put this surgery off indefinitely but since I already had a surgery in January 2010, this one would be free. All pain aside, FREE is my language!

So, here I am days after surgery. Just for the record, this is about all I'm looking at these days.

The recovery bites! 24 hours elevation and ice, 1 week limited walking, 1 month walking with my lovely new assistant--the surgical shoe, and then 1 more month in an athletic shoe--and I don't suppose that's requested for running. So I wait. I'll let you know how this thing turns out. (Or not, I definitely DON'T have the best track record for keeping up with my blog. But for now, I'm a captive audience.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Persistent Fisherman

So we went to Texas for spring break. Scratch went. DROVE. We DROVE to Texas for spring break. We went to visit my dad at his place near Tyler. The boys were suffering from withdrawals from their PS3 and were forced to explore their grandad's farm. They decided to try their luck at fishing. John loaded up all three kids and took them to the fishin' pond. (It's hilarious to hear him tell the story--the kids kept him busy baiting hooks, untangling lines, repairing fishing poles and the like. Not quite the reflective fishing trip you might imagine.) Halle and Grayson soon tired of the exercise and John brought them to the house. Parker was told that he could stay and fish until "dark." (I love the world with no time.) Around "dark" I sent Grayson to fetch Parker. When they finally came back, Parker was proudly carrying the fish he'd caught. I was so impressed with his persistence!

Needless to say, Parker was so energized by his catch that he said he wanted to go fishing again the next morning. It required an early wake-up, and honestly, I thought that he'd roll right back over after his grandad woke him up. But, to everyone's surprise, he got up and went fishing. As the rest of us were finally getting out of bed, Parker came back from the fishing pond with his catch of the day......a 10 LB BASS!!

Wow! What a catch! I think I'd pay a million bucks to have seen him pull that thing out of the water. He was using a broken pole with a 8 pound line. He also told me that instead of reeling the fish in he sort of just backed up to get the thing on land. Getting it into the bucket was an experience all on its own. I don't know how he pulled this off, but to his credit, he did!

Here is Parker and his grandad posing with the fish. Evidently it's quite a trophy as we are getting the thing mounted--all 10 pounds and 27 inches of it. Stay tuned until next fall to see it mounted. (The taxidermist in White House, TX, was quite backed up. And that's a story entirely in and of itself.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wow! I opened my blog and am amazed that there have been NO posts since April 2009. I guess that's what happens when I don't write about anything. I've actually been thinking about things to post and none of them seem that exciting.....until now!

I signed up to be a bone marrow donor. I hope I'm a match. We've been studying in Sunday school and small group about topics revolving around giving.....of our resources, our time, and our money. So I hope I'm a match for someone...and that God will be glorified because of it.

In the meantime, I guess I'll go rake the neighbor's yard. (Jeff, too bad I moved, right? But just think, if you ever find yourself needing some marrow, maybe I can help you there.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Halle's first soccer game!

Coach Dan is reminding the girls which way they are going!

Whoa! Halle dribbled all the way down the field!
Kicking the ball in

Takin' a little break!

A celebratory ice cream cone at Tate's for a great, well-played first game!

Random pictures from Easter Break

Rebecca and Jen

Kaylor took to Grayson immediately. She wanted to be right beside him. If she could have crawled inside his skin I think she would have! He was so sweet to her. He held her while he played on the computer.

At mealtime, Kaylor had to sit on the bench by Grayson.

Here's Johnny earning his Uncle (& Daddy) title!

Kaylor and Halle were drawing together with Johnny.

Hudson was content to play with the "horseeeee" in the barn....

....that is until the dolls and strollers came out......

Kaylor with all the babies.

I think out of everyone, Bella had the best time! She really built a relationship with Hudson! She doesn't share her doggie bed with just anyone!

What a great time we all had!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Harris Family Easter Photo

Let the hunt begin.....

Above: Parker and Hudson
Below: Kaylor

Parker and Grayson searching the shrubs for eggs

Looks like Halle's on to something....

Sweet little Hudson

Papa helps Kaylor and Hudson with their baskets

The hunters show off their loot!

The sweetest one-year old faces you'll ever see!

Becca, thanks for sharing your adorable children with us on Easter. We were so glad to meet them for the first time!

New Visitors to Wheaton!

We had a houseful of guests for Easter! Jen's parents: Judi and Chalmer Wiegman came from Dalhart along with Rebecca (Jen's brother A.J.'s wife) and their two children, Kaylor and Hudson.

Sweet Kaylor crashed on the way home from church. She slept right through our Easter pictures AND even through lunch!

Easter pics in the yard.

Poor Baby Hudson fell asleep after his big Easter lunch and after talking to his Daddy on the phone.

See more Easter fun photos under the Easter 2009 post.