Thursday, June 8, 2006

Cancun, Mexico

We went to Cancun in June 2006 for Autumn's wedding. The kids have declared it their favorite vacation of all time siting the hotel and the "free" (all-inclusive) food and "super-man" drinks at the pool bar as the main reasons.

This is a picture of our hotel's "playground" from our window.

On our snorkeling trip, Halle and I went for a little swim. I think she sees a fish!

Isn't the sand beautiful? Looks like Grayson needs a pair of sunglasses... his Dad.

Uh, what do you say about yourself?

The boys are enjoying the sand and building a castle with some kids they met.

I met this little girl on the street. She was helping her mom sell headbands.

We went on an excursion to the Chitchinitza Mayan ruins.

Ah, the glow of a vacation! It's looks good on us, no?