Saturday, June 23, 2007


Parker had a great birthday! Even though he had been in Wheaton less than 2 weeks, we had lots of help celebrating! New friends, along with his brother, went with him to LaserQuest to play Laser tag! He really missed his friends in Dallas, though!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Move to Wheaton

The move to Wheaton went VERY well. Everything arrived on time--including our children, and all in one piece. I had accepted that some things would get broken, but I'm happy to report 100 percent success!

We have a great group of neighbors! We were welcomed with fresh cookies, and the neighborhood even had a cook-out to honor our arrival. It felt really good to have such a warm welcome here! But, the best thing is that there are lots of kids that live in the surrounding 5 houses. The kids have all played non-stop...outside and in.

We miss you all dearly and can't wait for you to visit!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Grayson and his best buddy Tyler.

Parker with his buddies Greyson and Travis. They came over for a final sleepover before we left.

The kids with our darling, sweet baby neighbor, NA-MO-MI. Actually it's Naomi, but don't tell Halle!

Jen with her sisters, Amber and Andrea at Japon.

Parker and Mrs. Dodson

Grayson and Mrs. Barlowe

Halle and her dance teacher, Ms. Layne

Our kids with the Brazilian crew eating watermelon. Marco and Fabia had us over for a cook-out before we left for Wheaton.

Parker and his cousin, Trey, at our family dinner at LaHa to say good-bye.